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live well

Welcome to Abakka

For thousands of years, the healing power of herbal and natural remedies has been used to sustain a long and active life.

Established in Nevada in 2017, Abakka is a small group of innovative folks sharing a genuine reverence for nature, and passion for traditional plant-based remedies and preparations.

We are dedicated to sharing revitalizing and restorative compounds.

nourish the body, mind and spirit

Pain and suffering do not discriminate

Our ingestible oils and topical body butter and creams are infused with high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) for maximum effectiveness and offer a fresh approach for managing physical pain and discomfort and coping with inner struggles and stress.

foster happier, healthier daily living

We take pride in creating extraordinary hemp and CBD infused products made from pure, simple ingredients.

We source from small American farms and farmers, our holistic formulations are designed specifically to support a balanced lifestyle and nourish a healthy mind, body, and spirit.