Abakka Website Launch

Welcome to Abakka!


You have taken the first steps on the road to feeling good and living well!

Please take your time to browse and enjoy our new website, and learn more about CBD and healing botanicals.  

Be sure to read about our organic, high concentration, farm to table fine hemp and CBD products.

Then treat your body to a cool fresh mint tincture oil, soothing coconut-almond body butter or revitalizing lemongrass body cream and don’t forget to add a little pampering for your pet!

1 thought on “Abakka Website Launch”

  1. Is your dog listless? Acting apathetic and “checked out” of activities that once brought enthusiasm and joy? Well then check this out: Within a week of taking just 4 drops daily, little 9-pound 14-year-old Sadie is now back to her youthful self-actualized, playful and stubbornly engaged self. What brought this new vim and vigor?
    Abakka 250 mg CBD hemp extract oil small pet formula. Yes, that’s right. Just 4 little drops on her food once daily has been Sadie’s fountain of youth! I highly recommend this product!


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